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calligraphypals's Journal

Calligraphy Penpals
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Are you interested in learning how to write in calligraphy, but don't have anyone to show off your work to? This is the place to learn and practice your calligraphy skills, and combine them with a desire for pen pals!

This works similar to the other pen pal communities in LJ, the only catch here, is that you should have a desire to write in calligraphy. You don't have to be perfect, you don't even have to be good! We're all here to learn and have fun!

Age and Birthday-
Zodiac sign-(just for fun!)
Calligraphic Skill Level- (beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert)
Things you collect/swap-
Other artsy crafty things you're into-
Age you want your penpals to be-
Gender you want your penpals to be-
Anything else we should know-

-Obviously, since this is a calligraphy writing penpal community, e-mail pals don't really apply. If you're just looking for someone to write back and forth through e-mail, try another community :)
-Do NOT post your home address here in this community. Please swap your address with your new pal through e-mail.
-If you're ONLY looking to swap packages, this probably isn't the right community.
-We follow the golden rule here.
-Please do NOT advertise in this community. All posts relating to that matter will be deleted. I'll change this rule sometime in the future when we have more members, but until this community takes off the ground, it really bothers me to see the only posts being made as advertisments for other communites. So just don't do it.