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Hello and welcome, fellow pen-pal and calligraphy lovers! I hope…

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Hello and welcome, fellow pen-pal and calligraphy lovers! I hope this becomes a very fruitful community for us all. If you're just getting started learning how to write calligraphy, let me provide you with a couple of pointers and tips to getting started:

What you'll need to begin:

  • A calligraphy nib handle
  • at least one calligraphy nib
  • calligraphy ink
  • scrap piece of cloth for blotting the nib
  • bond paper (25% cotton, such as Gilbert Bond), or parchment paper (available at art supply stores)

While I recommend taking a class or two to learn how to hold your calligraphy pen properly, how to master the letters of the alphabet, and many other advanced techniques, I'm a firm believer that you can teach yourself the art of writing these letters with hard work and determination!

Some AMAZING websites on how to teach yourself calligraphy can be found here:

Also, never be afraid to ask me, or the other calligrapher's in this community for pointers!

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