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Hello :)

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Name- Melissa Esme Price
Age and Birthday- 18, July 14th
Zodiac sign-(just for fun!) Cancer, ascending Gemini
Location- England, United Kingdom 
Calligraphic Skill Level- (beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert) Advanced Beginner?
Hobbies- Writting, Sketching, Painting, Learning modern Etiquette, going to hidden cocktail speakeasies, drinking Pernod, History, - I have a lot!   
Things you collect/swap- Myself and my boyfriend collect coca cola merchandise, pin up paintings, vintage newspaper clippings, I would like to start trading atc's or home made knick-knacks 
Other artsy crafty things you're into- Dress Patterns, Photography and Vecorising
Age you want your penpals to be- any adult age! (my age and above)
Gender you want your penpals to be- No preferances
Anything else we should know- I actually like housework, which is good seeming me and my boyfriend own a 3 bd house! I know lots of cheap, old-fashioned house cleaning tips ;)
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artistic artistic
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Jazz, Swing, Acid Jazz, Drum and Bass, Metal, 80's rock.
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